Meet Khôra, a dynamic online arts space produced in collaboration with groundbreaking author Lidia Yuknavitch’s Corporeal Writing. Plato described khôra as a “formless interval, alike to a non-being,” and in that spirit, Khôra is committed to writers and artists who explore the…
"When we kissed, his mouth tasted medieval..."
"No one can take the spirit of home out of me."
"I surfed almost every day during the year that followed Jim’s death, even on small days or when the surf was blown out..."
"I kneel with the memory of your warm hand on my skin and unsown lands spread in my imagination..."
New essay by Meghan Lennox | Artwork by Molly Segal
by Featured Artist Arturo Soto
Thank you for reading Khôra in 2022! When Corporeal Writing launched this space in September 2020, it was our commitment to writers and artists who…
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